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Loans & Credit

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We have loans for all of your needs and desires. We offer fast approvals and affordable payment options. You can call, stop by or apply online. Let us know when you are ready.

Auto Loans

Are you looking for your next new vehicle? Do you want to refinance your current vehicle for a more affordable payment? Maybe you have high interest rate debt that you would like to consolidate?  

Personal Loans

Flexible and affordable loans for to help you meet your financial goals. What are you looking to do? Do you want to consolidate debt, start a home improvement project or plan for a wedding. 

Credit Cards

Where do you want to go? What would you like to see? Where ever you are our credit card will be right there for you. 

Short-Term Loans

Our short-term loans are here to help with unexpected life events, provide payday alternatives and to help you build your credit.

Home Equity Products

Put your home, vacation property or investment property to work for you with a home equity from Lexington.

Overdraft Protection

You may also apply for an Overdraft Line of Credit. If approved, you will receive a credit line up to $2,000.00. When checks or debit card transactions are presented against your account exceed the available balance, a transfer will be made from your Line of Credit to pay the item(s).

*Rates for these products are determined by an evaluation of applicant credit. Your rates may vary from the rate shown. 

Toll Free: (800) 309-6470

Telephone Banking: (844) 492-8036

Local: (585) 254-4543

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