At Lexington Avenue Federal Credit Union we are here to help you.

Check out for resources to help with:

  • Saving & Investing
  • Money 101
  • Going to College
  • Home Ownership
  • Checking and Credit Cards
  • Preventing Fraud
  • Buying a Car
  • Consumer Loans
  • Dealing with Debt
  • Planning for the unexpected
  • Retirement
  • Life Events

For more Individualized help we have also partnered with Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Rochester.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester

Do you want help building a better credit score, getting out of debt, or budgeting towards your future goals?  CCCS is here to help.  Join the thousands of individuals and families that have worked with CCCS through financial difficulties. Their certified professionals provide confidential counseling, educational services and other solutions enabling their clients to meet their financial goals.

Services offered include:

  • Budget & Credit
  • Debt Management Programs
  • First-Time Homebuyer
  • Foreclosure Prevention
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Bankruptcy Counseling

Click here to get started today:

Toll Free: (800) 309-6470

Telephone Banking: (844) 492-8036

Local: (585) 254-4543

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